a platform

for success


Paris Morgan

Paris Morgan is a young and enthusiastic musician starting her singing career in 2007. She has performed on many high calibre stages including being on the 2013 series of ‘Australia’s Got Talent’.

Along with that she has performed for Ipswich City Council corporate events and Anzac Events. Paris wants to share her experiences with new up and coming performers that are looking to enjoy singing and music as Paris does.

Paris loves seeing new young performers blossom into the best version of themselves. What Paris focuses on is working on developing a platform for success.

She spends time on vocal technique to enhance what the performer needs to do to achieve high standards in performing and breathing techniques. Overall what Paris wants to provide is a place where children can have fun and be able to learn singing at any level.

“Working with Paris has been great! Since starting lessons with Paris I feel I have improved a lot and have learned more techniques. It has also been really fun!”

Bridget Kelly